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          Since our founding in 1928, 高原学校 has prepared students for life-long success. Today, this means that we challenge our students with a rigorous curriculum focused on preparing our students for college and beyond. 


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          For students who need more individualized attention, 高原学校 offers the Learning Center. 学习中心 is comprised of a staff of full-time educators who train, tutor, challenge, and advocate for students of all abilities. 

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          Our Early Childhood program provides a warm and supportive learning environment. Each child is nurtured and encouraged to develop socially, emotionally, and academically at his or her own rate of growth.





          As part of the core curriculum, all 较低的学校 students gain a working knowledge of the fundamentals of visual arts, music, and technology. Each year, field studies take students beyond campus to explore and grow. 

          From food and book drives for local causes, to raising money for a sister school in Kenya, and adopting endangered animals, 较低的学校 students are full participants in the School’s community service program.






          Leadership opportunities including Blue/Gold Captains, Student Hosts, Student Council, and National Junior Honor Society are available in the 长沙学院 . All students participate in community service projects throughout the year.



          Because there is so much to do, the toughest challenge an 上学校 student faces is time management. Challenging college preparatory academics are the norm. They often include Advanced Placement and Honors courses in math, sciences, English, foreign languages, history, and the arts.


          Here, challenge and support go hand in hand. A low student-teacher ratio ensures that students receive the individual attention they need to develop independence and confidence—skills essential for success in college and in life.

          Through such avenues as the Honor Code and a well-developed community service program, high ethical standards permeate 上学校 life. Leadership opportunities exist through the Prefect Board, class officers, National Honor Society and our own Leadership Certificate program.

          Our Global Studies program is a Highland signature piece. The program combines the study of language and history with world travel. Students participate in service or academic projects that demonstrate an understanding of a global issue or problem.